Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VDV Elf on the Shelf

Everyone...meet Francis. He entered our lives last year as our little Elf on the Shelf to remind Bug (Bear was too little at this time) that Santa is always watching and Francis would report back to Santa every night on his behaviour. We started this earlier than December 1st, as Bug was only 3 at the time, and I figured a little more time would help him grasp the concept. I had so much fun putting finding Francis in precarious situations and loads of mischief. Here's the list of adventures our little Elf had last holiday season.

1. Francis having a bath.

2. Francis performing CPR.

3. Francis taking flight.

4. Francis playing angry birds.

5. Francis scaling the fireplace.

6. Francis being a couch potato.

7. Francis being an artist.

8. Francis doing yoga.

9. Francis hanging out.

10.  Francis being held hostage.

11. Francis having a snowball fight.

12. Francis having a late night snack.

13. Francis window cleaning.

14. Francis feeding the cats.

15. Francis sewing.

16. Francis working out.

17. Francis sledding.

18. Francis planking.

19. Francis building a crazy fort.

20. Francis playing hide 'n seek.

21. Francis going for a swing.

22. Francis having a midnight read.

23. Francis tangled in lights.

24. Francis stuck between windows with a letter from Santa.

25. Francis taking pictures.

26. Francis having some office fun.

27. Francis saying hi to the boys.

28. Francis stuck in a glass.

29. Francis starting a race.

30. Francis under the weather.

31. Francis dancing.

32. Francis jumping on the bed.

33. Francis putting out a fire.

34. Francis peeking around the corner.

35. Francis hanging by some monkeys.

36. Francis playing hockey.

37. Francis spelling his name.

38. Francis off-roading.

39. Francis TP-ing.

40. Francis crocheting.

41. Francis planting next year's Christmas tree.

So there you have it. 41 Elf on the Shelf ideas. The VDV Four loved this last year. Really looking forward for Francis to come again this year!

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